Sony Has Postponed Their Product Announcement


Due to COVID-19 cancelling NAB this year, Sony had planned to do a "virtual product announcement" on the 20th of April. Now, Sony has postponed their product announcement to the 30th of April. So, what will we see in this announcement? It's actually really hard to tell with all the rumours floating about. The [...]

ProRes RAW Support is Available for Premiere Pro


After almost exactly two years, ProRes RAW support is available for Premiere Pro. Back in April 2018, Apple released ProRes RAW. It is built upon the same technology as other ProRes codecs, but is directly applied to the raw data coming from the sensor, thus delaying the debayering process to the post-production stage. ProRes [...]

To Rent or to Purchase..? That is the Question.


To Rent or Buy equipment? This is a question many filmmakers ponder when first starting out on their filmmaking journey - but there is never the right answer when it comes to those specialty pieces of equipment that don't get used often. There are strong arguments for both and those who recommend renting over [...]

Television Commercial for Nitro Marine


Nitro Marine are one of the Gold Coast's leading boating suppliers, and when they required a television commercial for the new year..... .... it's only natural that they came to the Gold Coast's leading video production houses! It was a pleasure working with such a well organised and easy going company. If you haven't [...]

Shelley Craft Working With Able Video


She is arguably one of the most recognisable faces on Australian television, so no doubt we were pretty happy to have Shelley Craft working with Able Video, too. From The Block, Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, Agro, The Great Outdoors and even Sunrise, Shelley is amazing talent that Australians have fallen in love with [...]

Internet Marketing: Get Traffic To Your Website Using A Free Report


One of the things many people struggle with is getting traffic to their website. After all, the whole point of having a website is to attract visitors to it. A great way to drive traffic to your website is by offering a free short report.

The report should be anything between 4 and 8 pages long. The report should deliver targeted information in a format that is easily accessible. It should be something that you know your niche will be interested in. The best thing to do is to give people the information they want. You should answer a question that they are asking.

How do you know what questions people are asking?

Boost Your Income With Expired Domain Traffic


A website owners dream come true is having hundreds of hits every second for their website. This of course shows the popularity of their website and designs foundation for successful venture through expanding user base.

Web masters try every permutation and combination imaginable to stay ahead of their compatriots and enhance popularity. From buying traffic to generating articles rich in key word, everything is considered in creating success of their domain. These options might work in favour of a few websites, while for the rest; there might be no traffic at all.

There are other options too accessible for boosting traffic to your website but one of the popular processes that are worked in favor of innumerable domains is "gaining through expired domain traffic".

How to Make Your Blog A Squeeze Page


You can take your blog to the next level of experience, and focus directly on certain products and services. Perhaps you're trying to draw in potential customers for their contact information, your newsletter or to make a sale - whichever the case, getting yourself a squeeze page is probably the best business decision you'll ever make. Squeeze page is alternatively known as a landing page.

If you utilize your squeeze page in the most efficient manner, you're in for high conversion rates, which will be much more than a conventional website or blog. If you want to reap the rewards of making your blog a squeeze page, do the following:

If you have a blog, make it a landing page: You need to make a squeeze page because it encourages readers to opt-in or subscribe to an email list. This allows them to be updated regularly on your products and services. These updates increase your sales and readership since this medium will inform more people of your products and services.

By making your blog or website a squeeze page, your income will increase by leaps and bounds. Your potential customers will focus on the information related to your products and services. This is why it is highly beneficial for you to make your blog a landing page.

Content Marketing to Increase Lists


To use a concept such as content marketing to attract and grow a large database or list of niche interested prospective customers is one of the best ways to grow an online business at present.

Most successful internet marketers gain most of their online sales through their 'list'. Content marketing generally means creating high quality copy which contains some keywords relevant to their niche market and presenting it on their website.

Search engines, in particular Google, being very keen on good content, pick up on this and can promote the site to a prominent position in their search results. The aim is that prospects searching those keywords will read the content and if interested enough, will show positive consumer action by opting in to the list.

Finding more and more people to join the list requires a constant stream of high quality, relevant content to maintain the position in the search results and thus maintaining a constant stream of traffic to the website.

5 Elements That Ensure Website Success


Putting up a website is considered as one of the most important steps in promoting an idea or a product nowadays, considering that almost everyone is quite dependent on the internet for whatever kind of information needed. However, it is simply not enough to have a website because, even if it is a major step, other methods have to be applied to ensure its success.

There are actually five strategic considerations for making a website successful and it is through these that the website owner would be able to guarantee a higher number of visits. Apparently, a website can only be considered as successful if it continues to generate strong patronage from the millions of internet users worldwide.

The first important element is keyword research for the purpose of making the website highly optimized and enabling it to rise in the search engine results. With the proper keyword research, the owner can guarantee that their website can gain the top spots of the results in the most commonly used search engines, especially Google.

It is imperative that the expectations of internet users are met once they get into the landing page and when they browse through every web page there is. This means that the content of the website should really be relevant aside from being very interesting, the kind that would prompt those who visited it to encourage others to do the same.

Commenting for Successful Traffic


Adding comments to blogs or websites is an effective way of directing traffic to your site or blog. However, commenting is a privilege and not a right. Make certain that if you are commenting on other blogs or websites that you are commenting effectively as well as responsibly.

When deciding to use comments for directing traffic to your website or blog it's important that you leave comments that are both responsible and effective. These are a few guidelines to help you achieve both.

• Find blogs or websites that are in your niche
Locating blogs or websites that are in your same niche is important for several reasons. If you are looking for traffic that fits your niche this is definitely where you will find these blogs and site.

Five Tips That Cost You Nothing to Help Drive Traffic to Your Website


There are literally dozens of ways to drive traffic to your website and bring customers who will want and pay for your products and services. Many of them require money to use such as pay per click. Others may require some technical skills which you may not have. However, here are 5 important ways to help you bring targeted traffic to your website.

1. Before you start a campaign to drive traffic to your website, it is important that you know who your ideal customer is. If you do not have this information, then it will be impossible to setup a system to attract your ideal customer. Remember, you don't just want a random customer landing on your website. You want a targeted customer who is looking for your product or service and who has the money to purchase it. Spend 2 or 3 hours if necessary setting down and creating a detailed description of your ideal customer including age, sex, work, location, interests and hobbies, the kind of house they live in and the kind of car they drive. Describe the typical clothing they wear to work and what they like to do in their leisure time. All or this will help you know what will motivate your ideal customer to seek your website.

Web Traffic: Tracking the Visitors of Your Website


If you want to know for sure if your website is being accessed by many computer users, check your web traffic. Roughly speaking, this is the number of visitors of your website. This measures your website's popularity, in important factor in ensuring your business's success. Through a tracking device, you can gather different types of information that can help you modify your website to attract more visitors.

A tracking device will help you monitor not just the number of people visiting your website but also the most popular page of your site. This is important because you will know what content of your website attracts web traffic the most. You will then be able to improve on the other pages so that your visitors will also check them.
Aside from these types of information, you will also be able to determine the length of time a visitor stays on one page. You have to check this page to know if the visitor stays because of the content or because it is hard to navigate that particular page. With a web tracker, you will also know the time of the day when you have the most number of visitors. You can take advantage of this knowledge by making promos and other marketing gimmicks during off-peak hours to increase your visitors.