Work Out the Best Date and Time

Generally, the best time to schedule filming is when the business and staff are least busy. This may be related to customer sales or service patterns, delivery and dispatch peak times, staff rosters and schedules and building and equipment maintenance, e.g. fire alarm testing.

Filming takes time. Equipment needs to be loaded in or moved and setup at each location. Often the video production team can get in early and be set up for the first shot when staff arrive when a staff member is available to let them in. The time required to film depends on staff performance and the number of takes required, filming of product or associated processes, break times etc. In general, it may take longer than you think, so allow for at least a half, if not a full day.

Choosing Locations for Filming

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best place to film. If it is possible to adjust the business operation to accommodate filming it will probably achieve a better result.

Unwanted sound from a myriad of possible sources can be a major issue, such as phones, air conditioners, machinery, vehicles, staff & customer conversations etc.

Unwanted light can also be an issue, such as rooms with lots of windows receiving strong daylight making it difficult to balance the lighting of the subject, tungsten office lighting being a different colour temperature to daylight from windows and problems with other types of lighting.

Your Gold Coast videographer can often do a reconnaissance visit prior to the shoot to identify any potential sound or lighting issues.

Schedule and Inform Staff

Your video producer will often create a call sheet for all involved in the filming, based on the storyboard for the shoot, with details such as the times people are required, their phone numbers, email addresses, wardrobe and makeup details, crew parking, weather forecast, catering etc. Reception and security and anyone who is likely to cause disruptions during the shoot should also be informed of what is happening and what is expected of them.

Preparing Talent

Speaking talent need to be rehearsed before the shoot, otherwise, it can delay or jeopardise the corporate video production. They may need time off to prepare. If they need to recite a wordy script verbatim, they may require the use of a teleprompter which enables them to read the script while looking directly at the camera. If they are nervous or award speaking to the camera, they may be more relaxed talking to someone besides the camera, interview style.

All on-screen talent and customers need to sign a release form, which provides signed consent to them being in the video. This prevents future problems, such as when a staff member leaves. Your video producer will often provide blank release forms.

Makeup and Wardrobe

On-screen talent should avoid wearing clothes with fine horizontal stripes or patterns, as they can cause a strobing effect. Pastel colours tend to look good on camera, bright whites can appear overexposed with darker skin tones, but wardrobe colour isn’t generally critical, except green clothes in front of a green screen.

Video Production Services

We’re here to help your Brisbane or Gold Coast business blast off with creative ideas and stunning videography for your corporate videos.

If a hair and makeup artist is not being used, your video producer will often provide basic pancake makeup to take the shine off talent. Women generally prefer to do their own hair and makeup when not provided. Having a comb or brush and possibly hair spray on hand is a great idea, particularly outside when breezy.

Be Prepared

A successful shoot relies on adequate preparation. Checklists can be helpful. Encouraging staff to be prepared and enthusiastic and to have fun with the process can help relax and motivate them. If things change at the last minute, make sure everyone is informed so they know what to expect. The team at Able Video & Multimedia are flexible and accommodating, but rely on all involved to be prepared to complete the project on time and within budget.