Did you know that about 90% of all businesses now use video for their internal and external corporate messaging and marketing strategies? It’s a figure that has been rising dramatically over the past several years, leaving the remaining 10% of businesses badly exposed when it comes to their marketing, sales, HR, onboarding, customer support and other strategies. But the success or failure of the engaged 90% can actually come down to something as simple as failing to understand precisely how to write a corporate video script that has the required ‘bite’.

Why make corporate videos in the first place? The benefits can’t be clearer:

  • High engagement: Nothing comes close to the effectiveness and viral potential of video these days – as we have all learned via YouTube, Netflix, Twitch and everything else. It’s now simply a marketing fact that when you see an effective video, you’re exponentially more likely to engage.
  • SEO: It’s all about the Google hits, and in 2023, text is definitely no longer King. Rather, it’s all about video, which excites the latest algorithms and drives visits, clicks and success.
  • Information: When you put text up against images and video, there is now a clear winner. That’s because you can pack more information into video than any other format, in the form of images, speech, music, sound, text – even animation. Better still, that sort of information density is extremely cost-effective – so long as you know how to write a good video script.

How to write a script for a video in 6 steps

So know you know why you should be learning how to write a script for a video for your corporate needs. Now it’s time to learn exactly how to write a video script that ticks every box – and we’ve broken down the entire and highly complex process into what we think are the most crystal clear 6 steps possible:

Step 1. Start with a brief

In learning how to write a script for a video presentation, start with the big picture – not the script itself. That means actually writing down a job brief, which will make your objectives, the intended audience, and the desired purpose and value crystal clear for the next steps.

So before learning how to write a script for a corporate video, orient your brief towards the following questions:

  • What is the video’s purpose?
  • What do you want the viewers to do?
  • Who are those viewers?
  • What things do they already do online?
  • Why should your viewers even care?
  • How are you going to distribute it?

Step 2. Now turn it into a story

Behind every story is a core message – so now it’s your job to translate that desired message into an effective and easy-to-understand story. And remember, that story isn’t just what you want to say, but how it should be said so that it resonates with the most impact. But don’t overcomplicate it, and don’t try to be too clever. Just think about where your audience is right now, and what story vehicle they need to get them where they want to go in the most compelling way with a clear call-to-action.

Step 3. Keep it short

Tempted to turn this corporate video into an epic? Don’t! Like many things, understanding how to write a script for a corporate video is definitely a case of ‘less is more’ – so just say what you need to say in a few minutes only, and then move on. Make every single word work hard for that place in your script.

  • Be unique
  • Avoid jargon
  • Don’t repeat yourself too much
  • Be brutal as you edit.

Step 4. Think beyond the script

Yes, you’re writing a script. But don’t forget that what you’re really doing is making a video – so allow the editing, the graphics, the sound, the timing, the music, the pictures, the colours and the story to play equal roles in seamlessly telling your story.

Step 5. Say it out loud

Finished your script? Now read it aloud in front of the mirror – and show your most trusted friends and colleagues, too. More importantly, listen to your own voice just as intently as you take the opinions of the people you trust carefully.

Step 6. Tweak, tweak and tweak again

If you think you’re done after the 3rd draft, trust us: keep tweaking, refining, polishing, editing and testing your corporate video script on people you trust. If you think you’re done after re-write #100, ask yourself the following:

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  • Does it meet the brief?
  • Will the audience love it?
  • Does the story flow logically?
  • Is it too long, too short or too complicated?
  • Are your sound and visuals effective?
  • Did you remember the call-to-action?
  • Is it optimised for the distribution method?

Need help with how to write a good video script?

Have you answered ‘no’ to any of the bullet points we’ve just mentioned? If that’s the case, it’s back to the drawing board you go – or at least a clear message that you need to spend a bit more time at the tweaking step. If it’s all proving to difficult, don’t fret: because Able Video & Multimedia is always nearby.

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