Whether it’s to build brand awareness, create sales or simply to forever capture the moment with glorious colour, movement, music and sound, the role played by superb video production cannot be overstated. For both personal and business use, video production has soared over the past year, and the experts in the field continue to expand and evolve the video production process to respond to consumer demand for a professionally-made video rather than mere pictures or text.

Why do you need video production?:

  • Immediately capture attention
  • Benefit from 95% information retention
  • Capture your brand or event’s personality/atmosphere
  • Stun with fun, vibrant & informative content.

What Is Video Production, Anyway?

However, the process of video production takes a lot more than some equipment and a bright idea to make the most eye-catching and memorable presentations. And from a decent amateur job to the most professional Hollywood film, all the magic basically happens as a result of these 5 video production stages:

1. Idea development

The first of the video production steps are simple – an idea. But it then needs to be fully fleshed out for a smooth, professional and highly-polished finished product. That involves:

  • Identifying the aims
  • Targeting the audience
  • Prioritising the audience reaction
  • Decide how to measure success.

Here’s some ideas on what to include in a corporate video.

2. Pre-production

As your idea starts to get fleshed out, it’s onto the second of the video production phases. Namely, that’s all the drafting, script-writing and potentially even the storyboarding of your professional video. The pre-production stage is also when casting, crew recruitment, location scouting and acquisition of equipment and facilities take place. It’s important to prepare your team for filming so they know what to expect on the day.

3. Production

Now we’re really getting down to business! The production stages of video production are when the actual video is created and filmed by your videographer – and it’s when taking care of the two preceding steps really starts to pay off. It requires attention to detail as the pre-production phases are tweaked and refined in real life – and every next step depends on it.

4. Post-production

So your video is now shot – so what’s next? You’ll discover that you’re happy with what you shot in some ways and unhappy in others – and you may discover that things you thought you were happy with in production turned out to be some of the things that annoy you the most, and vice versa. That’s where the incredibly important editing process comes in, as well as adding effects, captions, music and other tweaks that really make your video sing as you apply a highly-polished shine.

5. Distribution

Your video is ready! Now it’s time to take it to the world – or your intended audience at the very least. If all has gone well with steps 1-4, you’re pleased with what you have in your hot little hands, so now you get to enjoy the process of putting it out there. That can mean simply showing it to your friends and family, using it as a marketing tool, putting it on social media or exploring the steps for wider distribution, but it’s all been made possible by creating a beautiful video.

Video Production Services

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