Panasonic blew minds with the release of the LUMIX S1H last year – but now they’ve teamed up with Atomos to blow our minds once again. Atomos released a statement on their social media pages regarding the Atomos Ninja V and new firmware coming out. The rumours are now official – the Atomos Ninja V Enables 5.9K ProRes RAW specifically for the S1H!

That’s right! Mirrorless cameras are now outputting a RAW signal through HDMI and in up to 5.9K! The Ninja V will now be able to capture 12-bit RAW files from the S1H at up to 29.97p or 4K up to 59.94p. This will provide incredibly crisp and clean images with the maximum amount of dynamic range and colour accuracy, an imagine like we’ve never seen before from a non-Cinema Line camera.

Another benefit is that the S1H and Ninja V combo now caters for the new 3.5K Super 35 Anamorphic 4:3 RAW mode – opening a new world of possibilities for these cameras in the cinema world.

Owners will be able to obtain the firmware required for this upgrade for no additional costs when the Atomos Ninja V Enables 5.9K. The Ninja V will be able to update by downloading and installing AtomOS 10.5 from the Atomos website. Panasonic will release a free firmware update on their LUMIX Global Customer Support website. Both updates will be available on 25 May, 2020.

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