Did you know that your VHS tapes can degrade over time? It’s true! VHS tapes were actually never really a long term solution for storing data – but they were convenient for the time they were invented giving the average person the ability to capture memories to store away and show the grandkids one day! But the reality is, after 10-25 years, the tapes begin to degrade due to different reasons. These reasons can include:

Loss of Charge: Every kind of VHS tape uses a magnetic charge to store it’s video data on the tape. Over time, magnetic charges weaken, and this can affect your picture quality and over time which may result in a loss of retail and less vibrant colours.

Demagnetisation: Due to the fact that VHS tapes store their information using magnetisation, they can be put at risk when placed near a magnet.

Generation Loss: Because tapes had the ability to be recorded over again and again, they were at risk of “generation loss”. This means that every time your tape was recorded over again, the quality wouldn’t be as great as it would be if it was recorded onto a new tape. This can affect your picture quality and the life of the tape.

Moisture: We live in a hot and humid place here in South East Queensland – and that puts tapes stored here at a higher risk of moisture than a lot of other places around the world. Moisture in the air can be absorbed by the tape and make it sticky. This can then damage the tape or destroy it completely – as well as potentially damaging any VCR it’s put into.

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