Due to COVID-19 cancelling NAB this year, Sony had planned to do a “virtual product announcement” on the 20th of April. Now, Sony has postponed their product announcement to the 30th of April.

So, what will we see in this announcement? It’s actually really hard to tell with all the rumours floating about. The Sony a7s iii, a7 iv and FX6 have all been bouncing around social media as potential products Sony might announce, but in reality no one other than Sony themselves know.

The Sony a7s i was released June 2014. It was one of the first mirrorless cameras to have a 4K sensor and was unrivalled in low light scenarios- however it couldn’t record 4K internally due to heat issues, and required you to output 4K to a compatible recorder like the Atomos Shogun.

In October the following year, Sony released the a7s ii. There were two main differences compared to the previous version – it now shot 4K internally (albeit a 100mbps 8 bit mp4 codec) and now shot up to 120fps in Full HD (1080p). The previous version could only do that in Standard HD (720p).

The Sony a7 has unofficially been discontinued according to it’s Wikipedia page, however it hasn’t stopped passionate a7 fans from talking up rumours of another edition – however very little about what specs it could have can be found anywhere. The a7 is basically the entry level camera of the a7 series, and Sony may be thinking a new edition could dethrone or cannibalise a later model of the a7 series

The rumour with the most likely truth is a release of it’s upcoming new cinema camera – the PXW-FX6. Or, the New PXW-FX9‘s little brother.

The FX6 is almost a guarantee given Sony’s previous camera line, the PXW-FS series, which included an FS7 and FS5. The PXW-FX9 is the FS7’s upgrade, so we can only assume that the PXW-FX6 will have similar differences to it’s big brother that the FS5 had to the FS7. According to SonyAlphaRumors, the upcoming FX6 will feature the same sensor as the FX7, will allow for internal 10 bit 30fps recordings in UHD and up to 120fps continuous in 1080p.

So even though Sony has postponed their product announcement, we over here at Able Video are massive Sony Camera fans, and we don’t actually care what the product is! We’re excited no matter what!

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