You can take your blog to the next level of experience, and focus directly on certain products and services. Perhaps you’re trying to draw in potential customers for their contact information, your newsletter or to make a sale – whichever the case, getting yourself a squeeze page is probably the best business decision you’ll ever make. Squeeze page is alternatively known as a landing page.

If you utilize your squeeze page in the most efficient manner, you’re in for high conversion rates, which will be much more than a conventional website or blog. If you want to reap the rewards of making your blog a squeeze page, do the following:

If you have a blog, make it a landing page: You need to make a squeeze page because it encourages readers to opt-in or subscribe to an email list. This allows them to be updated regularly on your products and services. These updates increase your sales and readership since this medium will inform more people of your products and services.

By making your blog or website a squeeze page, your income will increase by leaps and bounds. Your potential customers will focus on the information related to your products and services. This is why it is highly beneficial for you to make your blog a landing page.

Set a headline to your squeeze page: Write a hard-hitting headline which is informative in nature. You can also have a subtitle to rouse your potential customers’ interest.

Do you have a domain name? Set up an SEO-friendly domain name so that your page is ranked high on major search engines. Use keywords that are related to your industry and put them in your domain name.

Offer freebies to your prospective customers: Decide on which freebies you want to offer your customers who sign up with their contact information. By offering a gift to your potential customers, they will part with contact information by opting-in to your site.

Describe your offer and the benefits of subscribing to your email list: Make your offer clear to your customer. Outline the benefits of joining your email list, landing page or newsletter. Tell your customer why they should opt-in or subscribe, and why the information you offer is important. Relay this information in a direct, readable style by listing it in bullet points.

Design your squeeze page: If you have an attractively designed page, you will draw in more potential customers. To increase your customers’ confidence in your site, add in a privacy policy. Ask them only for their names and email addresses, and place the opt-in box in a prominent position in the middle of the page.

How to Make Your Blog A Squeeze Page

How to Squeeze More Benefits out of Your Blog With a Squeeze Page

Using A Squeeze Page With Your Blog To Build A List

You can give your blogging efforts an extra edge by adding a squeeze page. Whether your blog plays a support role to another website with a commercial motive, has a direct commercial motive or has no commercial motive whatsoever, you will definitely want subscribers. You may be offering a free or paid newsletter, training courses or instructional videos or ebooks. You need to be able to sell or give that product to as many subscribers as you can to meet your blogging objectives. Putting it another way, you need to create a list and the best way to do that is with a squeeze page.
With a squeeze page that is optimally designed, you are going to boost your conversion rates to an extent that would not be possible with a conventional static website or a blog without a squeeze page.

If you do want to enjoy the benefits of a squeeze page, you must work on the following.

Have a squeeze page as part of your blog. Make it your blog’s main landing page. Your squeeze page will lure readers into opting in to your email list. When they do this, you are able to give them regular updates on the latest information of relevance. You are able to send marketing messages relating to your own products or affiliate products. You will enjoy great results if you emphasize the content part and minimize the marketing part. When your subscriber buys something from you, he automatically enters your sales funnel. You can do upsells and cross sells to him later; again, you don’t want to overdo the selling bit. You also want to make very sure you only recommend products that will prove to be of great utility to your subscribers.

A squeeze page helps you to add to your list, and as a natural consequence, a squeeze page helps you to gain customers. You also gain the advantage of being in regular touch with them.

You must design your squeeze page right. You start off with a dashing headline that is going to have readers automatically move their eyes down to the rest of the copy. The headline should make promises which the copy should keep. You can add to the impact of the headline with a subtitle that offers just a little more detail.

You should offer a freebie to every subscriber as soon as he or she opts in. Though it is a freebie, it better have value: it should be relevant and of great use to your subscribers. It is almost impossible nowadays to get people to opt in unless you are giving them something in return.

In your squeeze page, give details of your offer. It is should be a very clear offer that is easily understood by the reader and stresses the benefits your reader will gain by opting in to your mailing list. Tell the reader why he or she should subscribe, and give a very clear call to action. Use bullet points as much as you can in your squeeze page, and use block text as little as you can.

Give your squeeze page an airy, full-of-white-space design. I do not like squeeze pages with a lot of jazzy graphics, but that is a matter of personal preference. Be sure to include a working link to a privacy policy.

In the opt in box, don’t ask for more than the email address and perhaps the name. The email address of course is the one thing that you cannot do without.

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