Putting up a website is considered as one of the most important steps in promoting an idea or a product nowadays, considering that almost everyone is quite dependent on the internet for whatever kind of information needed. However, it is simply not enough to have a website because, even if it is a major step, other methods have to be applied to ensure its success.

There are actually five strategic considerations for making a website successful and it is through these that the website owner would be able to guarantee a higher number of visits. Apparently, a website can only be considered as successful if it continues to generate strong patronage from the millions of internet users worldwide.

The first important element is keyword research for the purpose of making the website highly optimized and enabling it to rise in the search engine results. With the proper keyword research, the owner can guarantee that their website can gain the top spots of the results in the most commonly used search engines, especially Google.

It is imperative that the expectations of internet users are met once they get into the landing page and when they browse through every web page there is. This means that the content of the website should really be relevant aside from being very interesting, the kind that would prompt those who visited it to encourage others to do the same.


Even if the contents are very informative and interesting, people can still be turned off by the site if it does not employ the appropriate visual or graphic designs. It is a fact that most people are attracted by graphics, which is why website development gives so much focus on the visuals and user-friendliness without compromising the textual content.

It is not just keywords that make a website very popular but the contents themselves; examples of these are those sites that have become viral because of an article or a video. This may demand some creativity on the part of the website developer or the owner but if any of them does come up with a very interesting content, the website could become a viral hit.

Finally, the website should not just deliver higher hits or visits but should actually result in generating higher revenues for the owner. The purpose, after all, of increasing the traffic towards the website is for creating the opportunities of higher conversions or sales.

By taking into consideration the five elements mentioned above, a website owner can surely see better profits just by operating a website. It is quite obvious that such steps could not be done without really making some serious effort but the good thing about it is that such endeavors would be well-paid in return.

5 Elements That Ensure Website Success

The 5 Primal Elements Behind Website Success

The 5 Elements That Make A Successful Website

It is almost mandatory that if you are going into business nowadays, you will want to be online, but you must have the right Succession Plans to conquer. Having an online presence seems to be more preferred than having an off line presence. A website, however, is just the beginning – it is the first few as yet insignificant steps on a journey of a thousand miles.
A website can be considered successful when it fulfills its purpose: draws in traffic, a lot of traffic, of the buying kind. A website is successful only when it meets its marketing and sales targets.

In the paragraphs that follow, I give details of the five elements that go into making a website successful.

The first element is where everything begins: keyword research. The more time and effort is spent on getting the right keywords, the better the website’s chances of success are. The right keywords are terribly important for optimizing the site and boosting it in search engine rankings. High search engine rankings mean lots of traffic – the life blood of any online presence.

A website should be built such that every single page meets visitors’ expectations, not just the landing page or the home page. This obviously means that the content should be spot on in terms of relevancy to the niche or topic of the site, and of great attraction and high value to visitors. Ideally, your content should have the visitor hooked and coming back frequently for more. It is even better if your visitor recommends your site to others.

A dull and monotonous layout can take away the appeal of even the best content. If your pages are made up of blocks of text, with no redeeming features, most visitors won’t even bother to read any page fully. Tedium will drag them away. This is why you also have to spice up your page layout with a lot of white (empty) space, an easily readable font in a size that will satisfy the most short sighted of people, short paragraphs, bullet lists and some non-text content like images and videos.

Videos are great for attracting and retaining visitors. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, if so a video is worth a hundred thousand words. While the website owner should try for some non-text content in his site, he should not over do it, especially images and colours. You don’t want your site looking like a sales site for an abstract art gallery, nor should it come across as a smorgasbord of colours.

Commercialization of the site should be done wisely. Unless you are an out-and-out ecommerce site, you want your marketing and sales elements to be subtle. A blatant approach to sales may put visitors off track. If they leave abruptly, they will most probably not be coming back. Nor will they be recommending your site to anyone else.

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