One of the things many people struggle with is getting traffic to their website. After all, the whole point of having a website is to attract visitors to it. A great way to drive traffic to your website is by offering a free short report.

The report should be anything between 4 and 8 pages long. The report should deliver targeted information in a format that is easily accessible. It should be something that you know your niche will be interested in. The best thing to do is to give people the information they want. You should answer a question that they are asking.

How do you know what questions people are asking?

Finding out what questions people are asking is not hard. Go to various forums in your niche. You will see hundreds of questions are being posted by people. Have a look at the answers, replies and comments people have made in response to these questions. You will find lots of valuable information. Use this information to create your own short report. The report should address a specific issue. Do not copy the replies and comments from the forums in your report word for word. The report should be written in your own words. You should use the replies and comments as inspiration and re-write the response to the issue in your own words. Soon you will have a great report addressing an issue that you know people are interested in.

How do I make the information easily accessible?

A great way to gather information and turn it into a free short report is to write a Top 10 on a subject in your niche. For example, if your niche was starting your own business, you could read all the posts about mistakes people have made when starting a business. You could use this information to create a “Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business” report.

The report should include links to your website so if people share it with their friends, they can visit your website for more information.The report should be presented in a way that is easy to read with a beginning, middle and end. It should have short paragraphs and sentences that are punctuated correctly. It should also be checked for grammatical errors. If the report is full of grammatical errors and bad punctuation it is very unlikely that people will read it fully or want to share it with their friends.

Internet Marketing: Get Traffic To Your Website Using A Free Report

Free Web Traffic With a Free Report

It took 75 years for telephones to be used by 50 million customers, but it took only 4 years for the internet to reach that many users. This quote by Lori Valigra tells you all about the internet’s potential. Of course, the “50 million” part is ancient history now: it has since grown to a staggering 2 billion, give or take.
And every single webmaster who ever existed fervently wished he could get a big slice of the online traffic pie that is relevant to his niche. After all, you put up a website so it can get visitors.

Do you offer visitors the incentive of a freebie – say, a short but useful ebook? If you don’t you should. It does not have to be a book with fancy design: it will be more valued for its content than for its looks, which means it should contain information of value presented in language easily understood by the layman.
Preferably, your ebook should answer a question that is vexing people in your niche.
That means, of course, that you should be aware of the questions being asked.

Getting information on questions people ask is not very difficult. You can look through forums that focus on your niche. People are usually asking a ton of questions on forums. Study the questions and the answers already posted. You will not only get to know the questions most commonly asked, but you will also gain a lot of knowledge in terms of answers. That is the raw material for your report. It should address one particular issue of concern to a lot of people. Be sure to not copy any of the forum answers verbatim. Your report should be originally written by you. You can also do some more research, like look up Yahoo Answers or Wikipedia. With all the information you collect, you should be able to prepare a report that is extremely detailed and well prepared. If possible, use a “Top 7 (or 10 or 11) ways to…” or “…things to avoid when…” format. When you break up your report that way, you make it interesting and easier to read.

Edit your report after you have finished with the drafts and come up with the final version. Get it edited by someone else too, because quite often authors don’t catch their own mistakes. Add impact to your report by making sure it contains no glaring mistakes of punctuation, grammar or language.

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If relevant, add images and graphics to your report. If it deals with data, you could include charts and diagrams. If it deals with how to do something, you could use screen shots to illustrate every step.

Needless to say, your report should have inks to your website on practically every page.