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Sony Has Postponed Their Product Announcement


Due to COVID-19 cancelling NAB this year, Sony had planned to do a "virtual product announcement" on the 20th of April. Now, Sony has postponed their product announcement to the 30th of April. So, what will we see in this announcement? It's actually really hard to tell with all the rumours floating about. The [...]

ProRes RAW Support is Available for Premiere Pro


After almost exactly two years, ProRes RAW support is available for Premiere Pro. Back in April 2018, Apple released ProRes RAW. It is built upon the same technology as other ProRes codecs, but is directly applied to the raw data coming from the sensor, thus delaying the debayering process to the post-production stage. ProRes [...]

To Rent or to Purchase..? That is the Question.


To Rent or Buy equipment? This is a question many filmmakers ponder when first starting out on their filmmaking journey - but there is never the right answer when it comes to those specialty pieces of equipment that don't get used often. There are strong arguments for both and those who recommend renting over [...]

Television Commercial for Nitro Marine


Nitro Marine are one of the Gold Coast's leading boating suppliers, and when they required a television commercial for the new year..... .... it's only natural that they came to the Gold Coast's leading video production houses! It was a pleasure working with such a well organised and easy going company. If you haven't [...]

Shelley Craft Working With Able Video


She is arguably one of the most recognisable faces on Australian television, so no doubt we were pretty happy to have Shelley Craft working with Able Video, too. From The Block, Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, Agro, The Great Outdoors and even Sunrise, Shelley is amazing talent that Australians have fallen in love with [...]