Sony already appears to dominate the “Prosumer” camera market – being the brand-of-choice for many amateur and professional cinematographer’s alike – and The New Sony PXW-FX9 only cements their place at the top even more than it did before.

When you take into account the success behind the incredibly popular PXW-FS5 and PXW-FS7 over the past few years, it’s hard to fault Sony when they release something new.

The New Sony PXW-FX9 is a cinematic power-house with a 6K sensor – delivering stunning internal 10-bit 4K in XAVC-I or XAVC-L codecs. Sony will no doubt be releasing license upgrades for outputting RAW data from their 16-bit sensor to an external recorder in time – but for now, the images being released online from it’s internal recording capabilities are nothing short of stunning. Check out some of the demo shots Philip Bloom managed to get when he first got his hands on.

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The release has also sparked heavy rumours of an PXW-FX6 as it appeared to be listed at FusionCine – a Canadian camera outlet similar to America’s B&H. Whether this was a mistake or not, it has been a topic of conversation on social media and Sony message boards. Although no official word has ben announced from Sony themselves, if the FX9 is indeed the direct replacement to the FS7 – then it would only make sense to upgrade the FS5 with a similar difference in specs between the older cinema cameras… But for now, we’ll just be happy with the new Sony PXW-FX9.

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