Redemption short film

Redemption is a short film which followed a conversation at a party on Christmas Eve 2020 with Christine Amor and Donald McDonald, friends and outstanding experienced actors. They were both bemoaning the lack of roles for senior actors and Able manager Peter Murtagh suggested we create a short film to showcase their talent. Peter came up with the plot and wrote and produced a lot of the music and Donald wrote most of the script. Stuart Lumsden, actor lecturer at NYFA came on board as the son and location scouting began. Southport Rotary donated their  chapel on the Broadwater in Southport for the funeral scene, the Southport TAFE donated their nursing teaching facilities for the hospital ward scene, John Flynn Hospital donated the use of their foyer and Peter’s sister Maggie, who also stars as the doctor, donated her wonderful house for several scenes. Many friends gave their time as extras.

Redemption cost nothing to make, only the participants time. It is entered in Gold Coast Film Festival Sipfest 2022. Here’s hoping it does well

Plot summary

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Ben sees that the husband of his teenage lover Sue, has died. They parted when he became addicted to heroin. He has never gotten over her and turns up at the husband’s funeral, but stays in the background. He then turns up at her grief support group, as his wife has also died. Sue’s son Greg is not happy about them getting back together so soon after his dad’s death and tells Sue he doesn’t trust Ben. His doubts about Ben are justified, or are they? How can Ben find the redemption he craves?

Short movie trailer