Mariana Jewellery collections

Able produced videos of the various Mariana collections, both worn by the model and described by Karen Collins. We also photographed pieces from the summer 2022 range.

Mariana’s creative designs and the colours of the exquisite jewellery have made them highly sought after around the world. We used a jib and a motorised slider with macro lenses the capture the beauty of the pieces and the beautiful model.

Video Production Services

We’re here to help your Brisbane or Gold Coast business blast off with creative ideas and stunning videography for your corporate videos.

Lovingly handcrafted in Israel, Mariana jewellery has gained recognition internationally for being an affordable luxury. Each piece of Mariana jewellery is as detailed and varied as the moods they convey. Dazzling hand cut gemstones, stunning Czech and Austrian crystals, some new and some over a hundred years old, all carefully and lovingly set by hand.

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