Lendlease NBN Installation Promotional Video

Lendlease’s NBN network installation capabilities – Corporate Video

Able was engaged to produce an entertaining and informative look at Lendlease’s NBN network installation capabilities. The Video was created to enhance tender applications and submissions.

Lendlease Construction

Lend Lease is among six companies awarded construction contracts by the company building the national broadband network for the upgrade of the cable television and internet assets Telstra sold the government’s NBN in 2014. Lendlease will carry out the works on the hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network. Telstra, which was awarded a $1.6 billion design contract for the HFC rollout in April, will oversee the construction works, which is is only on Telstra’s former HFC footprint, which includes areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast Perth.


Video Production Services

We’re here to help your Brisbane or Gold Coast business blast off with creative ideas and stunning videography for your corporate videos.

Able video provided the production services and filmed in the streets of Redcliffe, Brisbane with a small crew, with aerial footage captured on a drone . We used the Ronin camera stabilizer to get steady footage while filming from a cherry picker and for numerous motion shots on the ground., able to follow or even run with the Electric bikes through the streets. The Video was put together for the companies online presence showcasing their range of bikes and their performance.