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Fly Away

2016-11-29T02:16:06+00:00Music Production|

This song was written by Kye McKenzie and Peter Murtagh with words by Toby Davidson. It was arranged, sequenced and recorded by Peter Murtagh. Kye came to record the song at Able's studio, then located in Surfers Paradise. She decided to stay and she and Peter had two beautiful children, Lili & Sage, both musically talented. The piano was played by the amazing Graeme Michelle, also known as patch or the pirate, who is sadly no longer with us.

Song for Jode

2017-03-09T06:50:45+00:00Audio, Music Production|

This is my 2013 Valentines Day song for the love of my life, Jode. Every year of our five wonderful years together I have written a song for her as a Valentines Day gift. Hopefully I'll get around to writing the words to this one before Valentines Day 2014

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