There are literally dozens of ways to drive traffic to your website and bring customers who will want and pay for your products and services. Many of them require money to use such as pay per click. Others may require some technical skills which you may not have. However, here are 5 important ways to help you bring targeted traffic to your website.

1. Before you start a campaign to drive traffic to your website, it is important that you know who your ideal customer is. If you do not have this information, then it will be impossible to setup a system to attract your ideal customer. Remember, you don’t just want a random customer landing on your website. You want a targeted customer who is looking for your product or service and who has the money to purchase it. Spend 2 or 3 hours if necessary setting down and creating a detailed description of your ideal customer including age, sex, work, location, interests and hobbies, the kind of house they live in and the kind of car they drive. Describe the typical clothing they wear to work and what they like to do in their leisure time. All or this will help you know what will motivate your ideal customer to seek your website.


2. Provide unique, frequently updated and useful content on your website. This will improve your chances that people will come back to your website often seeking your insightful information and advice. People come to the web looking for something: information, a product, advice, social interchange, just to name a few things. If your content is fresh and valuable, they will come back for more but, perhaps, more importantly, they will refer their friends and contacts to your site. This increases your reputation as an expert and helps bring in new customers for your products and services. If you disappoint the customers whom you are able to attract to your site, your efforts have not only been wasted, but so has your reputation. These people will not come back.

3. Write and submit original fresh articles which are rich in the keywords that you have researched. Articles have been very important in your ranking on the search engines but recent changes have made it even more important that your content be truly original. Good quality, well written original articles are still important in search engine ranking. Your articles should be submitted to article directories where they can be picked up by others looking for your information. Your articles may be republished by other authors and websites and thus spread virally. This will result in the all important back links to your site. In order for this to happen, is vitally important that the resource box associated with your article, contains your biography and your website’s complete URL, including the http:www.(your site). The more good unique valuable articles you write, the more traffic you will get to your website.

4. It is important to have a blog on your website and to make frequent valuable posts to your blog. The search engine spiders that crawl the web looking for new content will see your fresh content and index it quickly. This ultimately drives more traffic to your site and increases your search engine ranking. Your blog should be submitted to blog directories and search sites as well.

5. Some other viral marketing techniques can be used to drive traffic to your website. Write free ebooks or short reports with a link to your website included. Make these available to other authors to use. Write press releases about each of your sites and include a link to your site each time.
Five Tips That Cost You Nothing to Help Drive Traffic to Your Website
Five Techniques For Sustainable Free Web Traffic

You can get traffic to your website the paid way, or you can get it the free way. Unless you are adept at playing the game, the paid ways like PPC (pay per click) campaigns can give you a serious financial beating while gaining you nothing. Some of the paid web traffic generation methods may require technical skills which you may not have yet.

Here are five suggestions to help you orchestrate a successful campaign to for Free web traffic to your website.

1. Prior to embarking on a traffic generation campaign, take pains to identify your typical customer. If you are selling gaming programs, you would be wasting time with the older generation. Your objective is to get targeted traffic, and you will get that only if your marketing efforts are aimed at potential targeted traffic sources. You need customers who satisfy two criteria: they want what you are offering and they are willing to pay for it. Take whatever time is necessary to find out essential details of your typical customer like age and sex, profession, location and interests. The more information you have on your typical customer, the more of a targeted campaign you can organize.

2. Give priority to quality content. Have nothing but unique content of value on the pages comprising your site. Create new content frequently. Only content will make regular loyalists of first time visitors. Always keep in mind that searchers come online to look for something: some information, an answer to a question, a solution to a problem. When you offer them what they want, they are going to become regulars, and to top that, they are going to refer others to your site. This can help you quickly establish a reputation as an expert, which in turn will get you more traffic. Give the same care to quality of products you sell as you give to content. Inferior products will give you one-time customers who will not come back, who will want refunds and who will spread bad news about you. Superior products will give you long-term customers who will keep coming back and who will spread the good word about you.

3. Research your keywords thoroughly and use them to write and publish original articles. Every article you publish should be written specifically for you and used only once. Such articles are invaluable in terms of their potential to get you ongoing web traffic and good search engine rankings. When you submit quality articles to article directories, you have a good chance of getting reprinted by other sites. Since they are allowed to do this with your resource box intact, you gain exposure. Your resource box is that part of your article, usually at the end, that contains a bit of your biography and most importantly a link to your website, which is not allowed in your main article content.

4. Support your website with a blog. Keep the blog active and thumping. Post to it as often as you can, but definitely not less than 3-4 times a week. Active blogs get crawled regularly by search engine bots, and that means better chances of high ranking. Better ranking means more traffic. Make sure your blog has an RSS feed and submit that to as many RSS directories as you can to scatter your articles all over the web.

5. Other marketing strategies with viral potential you can use are writing e-books and short reports for free distribution, with links to your website. Try to distribute them as much as you can, even to other authors and marketers, with the proviso that they do not edit anything. Get press releases published on your products and services, with links to your site. Remember: press releases must have newsworthy content.
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